Organic Mountain-Crafted Oud Deodorant


Nothing is worse than excess perspiration and smelly armpits. There are plenty of natural products out there which claim to cease the sweat and the stink without chemicals, but none can follow through. That’s why we created our own; for the lovers of organic hygiene who want to cease the stench and excess perspiration. Our organic mountain crafted deodorant is free of chemicals and maintains the sweat fighting ability found in other, toxic deodorants!

Excessive sweating and foul-smelling armpits are truly unpleasant we have the solution our Organic Mountain-Crafted Oud Deodorant. Despite the numerous natural products that claim to stop sweat and odor without the use of chemicals, they simply don’t work. For this reason, we have developed our own solution specifically for those who value organic hygiene and wish to eradicate odors and excessive sweating. Our Organic Mountain-Crafted Oud Deodorant, unlike other harmful deodorants, is completely chemical-free yet still effectively combats sweat.


Aluminum-Free Baking Soda:Helps our Organic Mountain Crafted Deodorants kill odor-causing bacteria and suppress acrid body odor.
Organic Coconut Oil: Improves composure of the skin and hair; contains antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.
Organic Beeswax: Destroys odor-causing fungus and bacteria, great for sensitive skin. Helps with perspiration.
Organic Shea Butter: This helps our product moisturize and provide protection against chafing.
Organic Arrowroot Powder: Natural thickener which has been widely cultivated since 5,000 B.C. for use in cosmetic and culinary applications.

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Lavender, Vanilla-Frankincense, Oud, Woodsman, Citrus, Herb


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