Super Beet Extract is an energy powerhouse, period. Our super extraction of beets provides the most potent source of Nitrous Oxide (N.O.) readily available for the body to use. Two droppers under the tongue and you will feel more alert and focused than if you had two espresso shots. Beets are a natural vasodilator and get the blood pumping throughout the entire body. Great for those who are seeking focus, extra athleticism, or even a boost in the bedroom.

Organic Super Beet Extract & Organic Beet Root Powder: There are so many benefits to beets that we decided to name just 7:

  1. Promotes Heart Health
  2. Boosts Brain Function
  3. Aids in Detoxification
  4. Improves Athleticism
  5. Relieves Inflammation
  6. High Concentration of Antioxidants
  7. Increases Nitric Oxide levels naturally


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