Turmeric has a wide array of applications, most notably for its anti-inflammatory power. Our organic turmeric is mixed with organic black pepper and organic ginger, providing more anti-inflammatory properties. It is simply tasty to consume. We use only the highest-grade organic turmeric in the highest concentration to provide you the most bioavailable Super Turmeric Extract product on the market.

Our Organic Super Turmeric Extract contains the following organic, natural, and healthy ingredients:

Turmeric: The world’s most renowned anti-inflammatory, Turmeric also fights cancer cells, nervous system inflammation, and aids in detoxing the body.

Black Pepper: Piperine has been shown to greatly increase the effectiveness of curcumin, the main component of turmeric, thus making it more bioavailable for the body to absorb, use, and benefit from.

Ginger: Effective against several drug-resistant bacteria; it is also a strong anti-inflammatory.


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